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Safe Environment programs are well-established in all three Roman Catholic Dioceses in Connecticut. The Safe Environment program in the Diocese of Bridgeport has a full-time director, Ms. Erin Neil, L.C.S.W. Safe Environment programs oversee the implementation of Charter mandates including victim assistance, criminal background checks, written Codes of Conduct, and child sexual abuse awareness and prevention training for priests, deacons, lay employees, volunteers, children, and youth.

The Safe Environments Office is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all children in our Diocese.

A Prayer for Healing Victims of Abuse

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Boletin de Noticias Ambientes Seguros Enero 2020


Featured News

Program to Report Sexual Misconduct of US Bishops March 23, 2020

HARTFORD- In May 2019, Pope Francis released his apostolic letter, Vos estis lux mundi (“You are the light of the world”) to address the issue of sexual abuse and bishop accountability in the global Catholic Church.


Featured Event

2021 Prayer Service For Family Members And Friends Of Victims/Survivors Of Sexual Abuse As Minors

BROOKFIELD—A special prayer service for family members and friends of victims of child sexual abuse by clergy and by others will be held at St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Church, 138 Candlewood Lake Rd, Brookfield, CT 06804. on Friday, August 27, 6:30 pm. The prayer service is being coordinated by family members of victims together with a community of survivors and the Office of Safe Environment of the Diocese of Bridgeport. Father Shawn Jordan, Father Larry Carew and Deacon Joseph Cann will lead our prayer service.


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August 27, 2021 • Prayer Service For Family Members and Friends of
Victims/Survivors Of Sexual Abuse As Minors

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Child Lures Prevention

Visit this website dedicated to important information about the protection of our children for over 25 years.

Safe Environment Summary

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