Uniting Behind Mercy

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”(Mt 5:7)

As a child of God living in the 21st Century, I am a witness of difference: in race, skin color, sex, gender, politics, and religion.  All these differences unfortunately have led to conflict, have led many ultimately Read More ››

Are we there yet?

As with any journey we may be on, whether a holiday trip, a much-needed vacation with family and friends, or a shopping excursion that promises to give us the best deal, we may tend to ask the question, “Are we there yet?”  The same can be Read More ››

Preparing for Lent

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Growing up in a Catholic family, Lent was not particularly my favorite time of year.  The idea of giving up something that I like was rather harsh in my eyes.  But as I’ve grown up, the true meaning of Lent has started to become more apparent Read More ››

Jesus is My Quarterback

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February 5th was the BIG Day.  It was SUPER BOWL Sunday.  It was the opportune moment for family gatherings and fun times even if the favorite team did not reach our expectations.

So, let’s try some Monday morning quarter backing in a rather different sphere.  February, with Read More ››

Having Faith in College

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I’m often asked how I keep my faith life alive and well in college. The answer is quite simple…I try.

I don’t particularly know if there is an answer, a secret to keeping faith alive in college. However, I do know that I just try to keep Read More ››