Evangelization Through Friendship

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This August I attended a retreat in Centerburg, Ohio, called School of the New Evangelization (SNE) hosted by Saint Paul’s Outreach (SPO). SPO is an organization that equips college students to build “evangelistic communities that provide a unique quality and depth of formation in the Catholic Read More ››

#ScriptureSunday: Humility

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A mother, out of love for her daughter, goes out of her way to find her daughter help, for she is tormented by demons, the Gospel tells us.  Met with dismissiveness from the Apostles, she begs the Lord to intervene in her daughter’s life, humbling herself Read More ››

It’s Never Too Late

I was raised Southern Baptist, with my paternal grandfather, 4 uncles and 7 cousins all being Southern Baptist ministers. So I grew up with all the typical rumors and fears of the Catholic Church.

But, in college, I had a roommate who was very Catholic and attended Read More ››

Searching for Something Deeper

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Steubenville NYC, a conference for teens hosted by the Franciscan University of Steubenville and Life Teen. Every year, they host over twenty “Steubie Conferences” all over the country that are centered around living out the faith as Read More ››

Clear Distinctions

Following the Convocation of Catholic Leaders I began thinking that I should excuse myself from any church leadership role because the emphasis was on revitalizing the church through its members emerging into adulthood. And I am nearly three quarters of a century old.

Although I have the

Peter and Paul: THAT is the plan

The story goes that when Jesus arrived in Heaven after the Resurrection, the angels welcomed Him with great song and praise, congratulating Him on completing His mission. One angel asked, “Lord, now that you have given salvation to the world and formed your church, what happens Read More ››

United in the Spirit

The progression of readings on Pentecost is quite beautiful for a modern-day listener. We live in a world that expresses and promotes individuality – what a beautiful thing! The recognition of one’s unique, irreplaceable role in history, one’s dignity, is pivotal; this comes from his or Read More ››

Why the Ascension?

Christ gathered his disciples around him, and after Christ blessed them, he ascended into heaven. Imagine what this might have been like for the disciples. They had recently witnessed His glorious resurrection after His brutal death. Now, Christ is leaving them. Why? I’m not sure any Read More ››

Uniting Behind Mercy

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”(Mt 5:7)

As a child of God living in the 21st Century, I am a witness of difference: in race, skin color, sex, gender, politics, and religion.  All these differences unfortunately have led to conflict, have led many ultimately Read More ››

Are we there yet?

As with any journey we may be on, whether a holiday trip, a much-needed vacation with family and friends, or a shopping excursion that promises to give us the best deal, we may tend to ask the question, “Are we there yet?”  The same can be Read More ››

Preparing for Lent

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Growing up in a Catholic family, Lent was not particularly my favorite time of year.  The idea of giving up something that I like was rather harsh in my eyes.  But as I’ve grown up, the true meaning of Lent has started to become more apparent Read More ››

Jesus is My Quarterback

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February 5th was the BIG Day.  It was SUPER BOWL Sunday.  It was the opportune moment for family gatherings and fun times even if the favorite team did not reach our expectations.

So, let’s try some Monday morning quarter backing in a rather different sphere.  February, with Read More ››

Having Faith in College

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I’m often asked how I keep my faith life alive and well in college. The answer is quite simple…I try.

I don’t particularly know if there is an answer, a secret to keeping faith alive in college. However, I do know that I just try to keep Read More ››