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Biometric Screening: Participant Service Center (Use registration code: Diobpt2018)  |  (855) 623-9355, (7 am-8:30 pm EST)  |  email:  |  For patient services biometric test results:

“It’s not too late!”
Schedule your Biometric Screening Today!

For Aetna members who were unable to participate at our on-site events-It’s not too late!

Aetna Members can schedule a Free Biometric Screening throughout the year, (Aetna Members may begin earning credits as soon as 12/01/2017 and run through 11/30/2018). For your convenience, you can schedule an appointment directly with a Quest Lab nearby! This is a free service no charge to the member and your eligible dependents on the Aetna plan. Your employer will credit your Aetna HealthFund account, once you have completed your Biometric Screening automatically one month later.
(* Friendly Reminder: bring your Aetna medical ID & identification card to the Quest Lab.)

Click on the links below for information

Your Next Steps once you’ve completed your Biometric Screening!
2018 BIOMetrics-How to Schedule your Appointment!
Quest Diognotic Website- Registration Instructions -New Participants
Quest Diognostic Website-Reset User Name and Password
• FAQ Biometric  HRA Credits
• Simple Steps to Wellness

Please call the Diocese of Bridgeport Dedicated Benefits Call Center directly: 844.675.8539


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