Will we recognize Him when he comes?

It happened so fast. “For Pete’s sake,” he said, “some homeless guy just came in here for food! I’m keeping an eye on him.” Internally, I was registering this complaint and scowling back. The words that followed flew from my mouth, “Imagine that concept! A homeless person coming to the Catholic Church for food…”

I wish my tone had been gentler, but my thoughts met their mark because this opportunity became my personal road to Emmaus. For in the moments that followed, I ran to respond to human hunger, physically and spiritually. The desire to love was resonating throughout my whole being.

Running out of the building, I found the man and said, “No, no, please stay. Please come with me. Please just stay.” And there it was: the face of hope.

We sat together on the curb right in front of the church sharing a cheese sandwich, some fruit, a bag of potato chips, and a bottle of water. I’m sure that most would think that I fed this man on that day, when in reality, this man fed me.

Jesus calls us to be his disciples. He nourishes our souls in the best way possible in the breaking of bread and offers himself to us in a world that is hungry for peace and love. Are our eyes open to see Jesus? Will we recognize Him when he comes, however he may come? Oh that our hearts would continue to burn within us so we are prepared and ready to say, “Jesus please stay with us!”

By: Sue Baldwin