A Celebration of Education

BRIDGEPORT—“How delighted we are to be celebrating these wonderful students,” said Holly Doherty-Lemoine, executive director of Foundations in Education.

Bishop Frank J. Caggiano and Foundations in Education hosted the annual “Leaders of Tomorrow” breakfast reception for students, their parents and donors on Thursday, November 8 at the Catholic Center in Bridgeport.

Leaders are chosen by their principals as students of good character, academic promise and leadership potential.

“I am delighted to be here…to celebrate our leaders of tomorrow, who are quite frankly the leaders of today, as many of their classmates follow their example and continue their journey towards wisdom and faith in Christ,” said Bishop Caggiano, addressing those gathered at the reception.

“The definition of being a leader is a person who has the personality and skills to encourage others to action,” said the bishop. “You are here because we believe in you…we see exactly what I described in you.”

“It is the God given talents He has given each and every one of you…a generous heart, an open spirit, a willingness to listen, a willingness to learn…and you have the gift of Catholic education to learn the skills of mind and heart.”

“This is your day…I ask that you take the gift God has given you and use it to the fullest,” the bishop encouraged the boys and girls to continue to be leaders in our society.

The reception brought together students, their families and principals, and the donors who sponsor a portion of their tuitions.

In explaining why he chose to make a donation to Foundations in Education, Robert Fox, a generous donor to Foundations in Education said, “With a good solid foundation in Catholic education they can go forward in Catholic Education and make a difference in this world.”

Photos by Amy Mortensen

“Leaders of Tomorrow” is a unique program of the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund which provides need-based scholarships to students in Catholic elementary schools who were identified by their principals as students of strong academic standing, good character and possessing leadership potential. Donors to the program transform the lives of children through the gift of Catholic education.

Foundations in Education is committed to strengthen and transform the mission of Catholic education in the Diocese of Bridgeport by supporting innovation in academic and extra-curriculum programs, fostering opportunities for the professional development of school leaders in innovation and leadership and providing scholarship assistance to families in need.

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Below is a list of “Leaders of Tomorrow” recipients, their schools and their sponsors:


Certificate Photos by Amy Mortensen