Marriage is “covenant” of sacrifice and joy

TRUMBULL—In many ways, what we are celebrating, and what you have lived, the world doesn’t understand,” said Bishop Frank Caggiano to nearly 200 couples who attended the recent Wedding Jubilee Mass at St. Theresa Church in Trumbull.

The world sees marriage as a contract that hopefully works out, but if it doesn’t, there are always escape clauses. Your lives mirror God’s Covenant with his people,” the Bishop said. “A Covenant is a life lived forever together in sacrifice and in joy, but in total self gift.”

More than 1,000 people filled St. Theresa Church for the joyful afternoon, which concluded with the Spring Concert performed by the Diocesan Youth Choir under the direction of Mary Higgins.

The longest married couples recognized during the Wedding Jubilee Mass were Ruth and Lawrence Schmidt of Saint Bridget of Ireland Parish, 72 years; Margaret and Henry Simon of Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish, 70 years; Florence and Joseph Romano of Saint Matthew Parish, 68 years; and Joan and Jay Topham of Saint Rose of Lima Parish, 68 years.

“The secret to your success has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with Jesus,” the Bishop said. “Many times we get distracted by the branches and forget the vine. Today, I ask you to reflect on the fact that Christ has been the glue keeping it all together.”

During the Mass the Bishop invited the couples celebrating anniversaries ranging from 25 to 70 years to renew their wedding vows.

“You were strengthened to keep mutual and lasting faith with each other and to carry out the duties of marriage. An so, in the presence of the Church, I ask you to join your right hands and renew your marriage consent before God and this Church,” the Bishop said.

“Lord, may they both praise you when they are happy and turn to you in their sorrows,” he said in concluding the renewal of vows.

“The Wedding Jubilee Mass celebrated 8,119 combined years of marriage,” said Patrick Donovan, Executive Director of the diocesan Leadership Institute and Faith Formation office, which sponsored the event.

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List of Jubilarian couples:

Husband first name Wife first name Last name Number of years married
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Ruth Schmidt, 72 years
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Margaret Simon, 70 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Florence Romano, 68 years
Mr. Jay E. and Mrs. Joan Topham, 68 years
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Margaret Forno, 66 years
Mr. Wladyslaw and Mrs. Wiktoria Mazur, 65 years
Mr. John Mrs. Agnes Benison, 62 years
Mr. Patsy and Mrs. Patricia Pagliarulo, 62 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Joan Ancona, 60 years
Mr. Luis and Mrs. Marta Cano, 60 years
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Margaret Coseglia, 60 years
Mr. William and Mrs. Ann Patricia DeHart, 60 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Frances DiMenna, 60 years
Mr. Sebastian and Mrs. Maria Filippone, 60 years
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Marie Mattiolo, 60 years
Mr. George and Mrs. Barbara McGuigan, 60 years
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Eleanor Messino, 60 years
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Elaine Onofrio, 60 years
Mr. Bernhard and Mrs. Katharina Post, 60 years
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Mary Jo Pranger, 60 years
Mr. William M. and Mrs. Bridget Frances Quinlan, 60 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jacqueline Rainone, 60 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Gilda Tartaglione, 60 years
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Joan Zietowski, 60 years
Mr. Giacinto (Gino) and Mrs. Josephine Sacheli, 58 years
Mr. Carmen and Mrs. Giovanna Lupoli, 57 years
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy, 57 years
Mr. Ivan and Mrs. Frances Capella, 56 years
Mr. Leo and Mrs. Rita Colbert, 55 years
Mr. Roy and Mrs. Mary Garofalo, 55 years
Mr. David and Mrs. Blanche Haid, 55 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Theresa Liberta, 55 years
Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Ann McNamara, 55 years
Mr. Vincent Paul and Mrs. Mary O’Donnell, 55 years
Mr. Gene and Mrs. Nancy Sabados, 55 years
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Barbara Bruderman, 54 years
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Beatrice Drozeck, 52 years
Mr. William and Mrs. Suzanne Henaghan, 52 years
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Sharon Fischer, 51 years
Mr. Tulio and Mrs. Isabel Lopez, 51 years
Mr. Rocco and Mrs. Maria Veltri, 51 years
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Victoria Ahern, 50 years
Mr. David and Mrs. Theresa Archer, 50 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Louise Aulenti, 50 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lynette Baroni, 50 years
Mr. Teofilo A. and Mrs. Maria Lourdes C. Blanco, 50 years
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Donna Britto, 50 years
Mr. Fernando and Mrs. Elisabete Carvalho, 50 years
Mr. Mario and Mrs. Rosa Chiari, 50 years
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Judith Colangelo, 50 years
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Esterina Consolati, 50 years
Mr. Giuseppe and Mrs. Ida De Masi, 50 years
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Mary Lou Edwards, 50 years
Mr. Tadeusz and Mrs. Teresa Formus, 50 years
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Ameenie Gallinelli, 50 years
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Donna Gallo, 50 years
Mr. Colin and Mrs. MaryEllen Gentle, 50 years
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Irene Gifford, 50 years
Mr. Robert L. and Mrs. Sharon M. Graze, 50 years
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Marie Haywood, 50 years
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Anne Marie Iozzo, 50 years
Mr. Roff-Achim and Mrs. Elizabeth Kaul, 50 years
Mr. Joseph J. and Mrs. Patricia A. Krekoska, 50 years
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Barbara Kusiowski, 50 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Mary Alice Leone, 50 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sharon Loh, 50 years
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Maria Maffucci, 50 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Katherine Marella, 50 years
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Gloria Mastrone, 50 years
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Ann Matthews, 50 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Pauline Michek, 50 years
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Mary Mooney, 50 years
Mr. Mario and Mrs. Annette Nacinovich, 50 years
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Kathleen Ramia, 50 years
Mr. James and Mrs. Frances Roach, 50 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marie Sadowski, 50 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Marcia Sandner, 50 years
Mr. Juan and Mrs. Ana Santiago, 50 years
Mr. David and Mrs. Susan Scannell, 50 years
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Carole Smith, 50 years
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Eileen Sullivan, 50 years
Mr. Rod and Mrs. Sue Tomey, 50 years
Mr. Jozef and Mrs. Danuta Witkowski, 50 years
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Darlene Yankowski, 50 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Zukowski, 50 years
Mr. Angel and Mrs. Sarah Anaclerio, 45 years
Mr. Bill (William) and Mrs. Carol Christiaanse, 45 years
Mr. Victor and Mrs. Patricia Eng, 45 years
Mr. Ranier and Mrs. Connie Falkenstein, 45 years
Mr. Dominick and Mrs. Rosemary Galletti, 45 years
Rev. Dn. Louis and Mrs. Mary-jo Howe, 45 years
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Marion Kallinikos, 45 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Barbara Kovac III, 45 years
Mr. Attila and Mrs. Andrea Levai, 45 years
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Carolyn Mitchell, 45 years
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Evelyn Nipper, 45 years
Mr. Javier and Mrs. Maria Posada, 45 years
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Paula Schmitt, 45 years
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Christine Sloan, 45 years
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Lucille Vecchiarelli, 45 years
Mr. W. Scott and Mrs. Mary-Barrett Anders, 40 years
Mr. Stephen Jr. and Mrs. Christine Bombero, 40 years
Mr. Hans and Mrs. Mary Lou Bosse, 40 years
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara Brown, 40 years
Mr. Goncalo and Mrs. Francisca Campos, 40 years
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Sherry Christopher, 40 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Clarissa Cincotta, 40 years
Mr. Darrell and Mrs. Linda Dunn, 40 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Patricia Ellul, 40 years
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Christa Frazer, 40 years
Mr. Gene and Mrs. Lois Freeman, 40 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Diane Garwacki, 40 years
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Nancy Holland, 40 years
Mr. Desmond and Mrs. Leila Hudson, 40 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Karen Kralic, 40 years
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Catherine Lenoci, 40 years
Mr. David and Mrs. Carol Osborne, 40 years
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Nancy Pescosolido, 40 years
Mr. Gaeton and Mrs. Geraldine Stella, 40 years
Mr. Erich and Mrs. Linda Tobitsch, 40 years
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Ronnie Lazzaro, 37 years
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Diane Boratko, 35 years
Dr. Stevan and Mrs. Maria Dawis, 35 years
Dr. John and Mrs. Maria Dubaz, 35 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Josephine Eichner, 35 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara Geitz, 35 years
Mr. James and Mrs. Ellen Gil, 35 years
Mr. Henrique and Mrs. Ana Gregori, 35 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Clare Kretzman, 35 years
Mr. David and Mrs. Lisa Mangini, 35 years
Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Linda McDonald, 35 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Paula Mollica, 35 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lorraine Morlath, 35 years
Mr. Augusto and Mrs. Maria Magali Pineiro, 35 years
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Ellen Robertson, 35 years
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Denise Rogers, 35 years
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Ann Marie Seavy-Cioffi, 35 years
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Virginia Silva, 35 years
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Susan Van Steenbergen, 35 years
Mr. Jose and Mrs. Cecilia Alvarez, 30 years
Mr. James and Mrs. Donna Bizak, 30 years
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Diane Camillo, 30 years
Mr. John and Mrs. Gloria Carvajal, 30 years
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Donna Delli Carpini, 30 years
Dr. Napoleon and Mrs. Oliva Flores, 30 years
Mr. Domenick and Mrs. Juany Fumai, 30 years
Dr. George and Mrs. Marilyn Kain, 30 years
Mr. Damian and Mrs. Nancy Klein, 30 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Maureen Kubik, 30 years
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Karen Maniscalco, 30 years
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Ann McCarthy, 30 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Judy McGorty, 30 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Kathy Merole, 30 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Maria O’Shea, 30 years
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Maria Renzulli, 30 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Ann Marie Smith, 30 years
Mr. David and Mrs. Doreen Urban, 30 years
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Karen Vickerelli, 30 years
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Sandy Walsh, 30 years
Mr. John and Mrs. JoAnn Zimmerman, 30 years
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Kathleen Albano, 25 years
Mr. David and Mrs. Marisol Aubrey, 25 years
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Donna Bartolo, 25 years
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Christina Butler, 25 years
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Felicia Conrod, 25 years
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Amy DeZenzo, 25 years
Mr. John and Mrs. Ellen Dierna, 25 years
Mr. Roger L. and Mrs. Alyson C. Donohue, 25 years
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Deborah Ferri, 25 years
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Ann-Marie Francino-Quinn, 25 years
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Jane Frillici, 25 years
Mr. Hugo Avila and Mrs. Livia Ganzhi, 25 years
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Maura Gibson, 25 years
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Toni Grassi, 25 years
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Charlotte Hallock, 25 years
Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Lori Hickey, 25 years
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Higgins, 25 years
Mr. John and Mrs. Lesley Kostyszyn, 25 years
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Angela Mantero, 25 years
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Mattera, 25 years
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Melissa Pinto, 25 years
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Edith Romanello, 25 years
Mr. James and Mrs. Michelle Smith, 25 years
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Maureen Spies, 25 years
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Antonietta Surrusco, 25 years
Mr. William (Bill) and Mrs. Janine Walsh, 25 years
Mr. Sergio and Mrs. Camila Waldeck, 20 years