Blessed Sacrament prepares for its 100th

BRIDGEPORT—Blessed Sacrament Parish will gratefully, proudly, musically and prayerfully celebrate its 100th Anniversary years on the weekend of September 30-October 1.

All are invited to a celebratory dinner on September 30th at Vazzano’s Four Seasons Restaurant in Stratford (7-10 pm) featuring talent from the parish and a special celebratory bilingual mass (English & Spanish) at 10:30 am on October 1st.

One hundred years ago, a new parish was formed in Bridgeport from old St. Mary’s to serve the Catholic people now filling the neighborhoods of the East End. Father Joseph Karcsinski is serving as the parish administrator.

“Humbly settling for a basement church, the new parishioners immediately worked to construct a large parish school. Together, school and church drew a “miraculous catch” of culturally diverse people to this seaside community,” says Patricia DeCoster, a member of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Council.

Now, after 100 years, the prosperous factories, the thriving businesses and the vital neighborhoods of the East End have been greatly reduced. And likewise, our parish’s fame and our fortune.

“And yet, like the child in the Gospel who provided Jesus with only a few loaves and fishes, we still see ourselves as contributing faithfully and mightily to the Lord’s mission of feeding the hungry, bringing peace to the distressed and to lovingly welcome all peoples together and to Him,” says DeCoster.

Today, Blessed Sacrament parishioners worship in two languages: Spanish and English with all of the richness and exuberance that our Latin and African American heritage provides.

Weekly, its Food Pantry helps out the parish family and its neighbors by distributing the abundant donations of non-perishable food and clothing brought to us by other churches, schools and generous individuals throughout the Diocese.

“Our Food Pantry, our Summer Camp, our Parking lot Farm, our Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway, and our very Creative fundraisers welcome many visitors to a section of our city that still waits for even a little attention and a chance for redevelopment,” says DeCoster.

Tickets for the September 30 celebration at Vazzi’s can be purchased from our rectory or after any of the Masses. Blessed Sacrament is located at 275 Union Ave.
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