What are our real priorities?

The bishops’ retreat began last night here at Our Lady of the Lakes Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois with over 280 bishops in attendance. The first talk was given by Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the Papal Retreat Master, who will lead our retreat. His opening remarks were excellent, Read More ››

What does Jesus mean to me?

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Yesterday began a period of intense prayer and personal reflection for the coming feasts of the Christmas season. It is the traditional time when many cultures began their Christmas novena, ending with the celebration of Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Another sign that these days are Read More ››

Entering the Desert

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As we contemplate the figure of Saint John the Baptist during this second week of Advent, his place in the desert can give us much to reflect upon. For it seems that in our own age, the Lord is guiding us into the desert (or otherwise Read More ››

Making Time to Prepare

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As we enter the holy season of Advent that seeks to prepare us for Christmas, we may wish to consider adopting a particular spiritual practice that can prepare our minds and hearts for the coming holy days of the Lord’s Birth. My experience has been that Read More ››

The Blessings We Share

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For a very long time I found it puzzling that of all the holidays that we celebrated as a family, the one that my father loved the most was Thanksgiving Day. It appeared strange in part because there is no comparable holiday in Italy. Growing up, Read More ››

The Many Faces of Poverty

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In the Webster’s online dictionary, the word “poverty” is defined as “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions”. This definition reflects the modern world’s understanding of poverty, seen solely in material terms. However, for those who Read More ››

Praying for Patience

Lack of patience is one of my greatest faults, precisely because it is a virtue that is absolutely indispensable to live discipleship with courage and perseverance.

Father Gabriel, in his book Divine Intimacy, speaks of the true nature of Christian patience, in contrast to what the world Read More ››

Having A Grateful Heart

A central characteristic of true discipleship in Christ is to have a grateful heart. In his parables, Jesus often emphasized the need for us to be grateful for all the blessings we have been given and the obligation to express such thanks in words and actions. Read More ››

Summer is the time to rest

The gift of rest is important to our life for at least two important reasons.

First, sufficient, quality rest is essential to the proper stewardship of the gifts of our physical and mental health. Proper sleep, time for recreation and opportunities to “unwind” are essential to mitigate Read More ››

Three Holy Days

Bishop Frank invites you to walk with the Lord in these Three Holy Days, to discover what really matters in life, and to discover, in the empty tomb on Easter Sunday, the victory that will be ours, in Christ.

Click below to watch the latest Face of Read More ››