Decree establishing the Quasi-Parish

The Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano
By the Grace of God and the Authority of the Apostolic See
Bishop of Bridgeport


In virtue of the office entrusted to me, I, the Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, Fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport, concerned with the spiritual welfare of the souls entrusted to me, in accord with c. 518 of the Code of Canon Law which determines that personal parishes may be established by the reason of the rite, language or nationality of the Christian faithful of some territory, or even for some other reason, having determined that the good of the souls requires it and, having heard the Council of Priests on May 16, 2019 and, having fulfilled all other requirements of the law, duly exercising my ordinary power,


Our Lady of Good Counsel be erected as a Personal Quasi-Parish in the territory of Saint Andrew Parish, in accord with cc. 515 §2 and 518 of the Code of Canon Law. This quasi-parish has been created and erected for the faithful that worship regularly at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. The newly erected personal quasi-parish enjoys all the rights, obligations and privileges granted by law. In the allocation of patrimonial goods, rights and obligations, equity and justice must be observed, and the intention of founders and donors must be respected in accord with c. 122, 1 °-2°.

The Quasi-Parish Our Lady of Good Counsel is erected subject to the following provisions, and the Diocesan Bishop serving as Priest Moderator of the quasi-parish (c. 517 §2).

1. The quasi-parish is to be a personal quasi-parish with membership obtained either by registration in the quasi-parish or by regular attendance at its liturgical services.

2. The quasi-parish is under full jurisdiction of the Bishop of Bridgeport and is subject to the prescriptions of the Code of Canon Law, particular law of the diocese and policies and procedures and any approved customs of the diocese.

3. The proper administrator of the quasi-parish will be appointed by the Bishop of Bridgeport in accord with the Code of Canon Law.

4. The jurisdictional authority of the proper administrator will be exercised with all the rights and obligations accorded by universal and particular law.

5. The quasi-parish will retain all the proper sacramental registers required by law.

6. The quasi-parish will rely for support on the donations of the faithful members of the quasi-parish. The quasi-parish will also be responsible for contributing to the Annual Catholic Appeal.

7. The proper administrator of the quasi-parish is bound by law to offer the required Mass pro populo (c. 534). He may delegate this, in accord with the law, to another priest.

8. The proper administrator is to assure that the quasi-parish establishes a Finance Council in accord with c. 537 of the Code of Canon Law. Diocesan norms for Finance Councils are also to be observed.

9. In accord with particular law, the quasi-parish is required to establish a Pastoral Council.

10. The quasi-parish is assigned to Queen of Peace Deanery.

11. Faculties to celebrate all the sacraments will be granted to the priests who assist the Priest Moderator in the sacramental care of the members of the quasi-parish, either by particular law or by decree from the Diocesan Bishop.

This decree is to take effect on July 31, 2019 and is to be communicated to all interested persons according to the norm of law.

Given this 31st day of July 2019, the Feast of Saint Ignatius Loyola, at the Catholic Center, Bridgeport, Connecticut.