Educators Excited About New Learning Model

BROOKFIELD—St. Joseph School, Brookfield will begin a personalized multi-age instructional model beginning in September, 2018. This model, proposed by Bishop Frank J. Caggiano involves individualized learning plans that engage each student at his/her knowledge and skill level based on how he/she learns best. This creative approach is something Saint Joseph School’s teachers are quite familiar with and are excited to employ on a larger scale.

“The teachers are committed to expanding their own teaching styles; incorporating technology to assist in lesson delivery, using manipulatives and creating projects designed to measure mastery of the subject matter,” said Dr. Steven Cheeseman, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Bridgeport. “Professional Development is starting within the next couple of weeks and the teachers are excited for the future, merging this new vision with the academic excellence that SJSB is known for.”

“Part of what’s so wonderful about this model is that it allows us to expand on things that we’ve been doing in our classrooms for years—with great results,” said Kathleen Benzing, a St. Joseph School middle school math teacher. “I’ve been grouping my students and challenging them to reach objectives for quite some time. This model affords us the incredible opportunity to put each student on their own individual track to learning, meeting and surpassing standards—without the ceiling that exists in traditional models.”

St. Joseph School is charging toward the new future with the help of a Task Force, led by Dr. Steven Cheeseman. This group includes three current St. Joseph School teachers, who will be instrumental in determining the details of this model and how it will be executed come September. The Task Force also includes school administrators, parents, parish leaders, and others from the superintendent’s office. The group meets twice weekly to share ideas and is committed to creating the best vision for the school.