Foundations in Faith announces Youth in Action Grants

BRIDGEPORT—On September 25, Bishop Frank J. Caggiano made an exciting announcement at the Foundations in Faith Bishop’s Reception. Two $5,000 grants will be awarded; one to a Catholic High School and one to a Catholic Church high school-aged youth group in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Known as the Youth in Action Grant it is “by youth – for youth.”

Bishop Frank is eager to hear young people’s ideas on how best to re-energize the teen Catholic faith experience. According to Bishop Caggiano, “We need to listen to their voices and give them space and resources to design programs and projects that will resonate with them.” Bishop Caggiano challenges the teens to propose a project that includes elements of collaboration, evangelization and mission work.

According to Kelly Weldon, “Too often we have adults deciding what would be best for our youth. Times are calling for us to flip the script and let the youth innovate and show us, adults, a new way of approaching our faith. The Youth in Action Grant is intended to be youth-led with support and guidance from an adult mentor.”

The Youth in Action Grant application is a google form that should be submitted electronically by November 22. A committee will review the grant applications and the best High School project and youth group project will be announced in December. The funded projects will begin in January 2020 and continue through the calendar year.

A link to the Youth in Action Application was first shared on Instagram @FoundationsinFaithbpt – Good luck to all the youth and their adult mentors who will be submitting applications.

Youth in Action Application

Youth in Action Budget template

View Only- Youth in Action Application

All YIA Applications must be submitted online. No hardcopy or print outs of the  “view-only application” will be accepted.