Harvest Party Returns!

BRIDGEPORT—After a year off due to COVID-19, Harvest Party returned to Kolbe Cathedral High School on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Harvest Party is the longest-running tradition at Kolbe Cathedral and is meant to help bring the students together as they work to win the various competitions. Each class decorates their assigned hallways in a theme they choose. This year’s themes included Hollywood Legends, and the 90s.  Students competed in games including volleyball, hungry-hungry hippo and tug-of-war. Because service and helping those in need are important to the Kolbe community, they held a can drive and collected over 700 canned goods for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. At the end of the day and the points were totaled, the Class of ‘22 came out on top winning a half-day off for their strong team play.

Paying homage to Harvest Party, the school launched its first-ever annual fund. It is named the Annual Harvest Fund to recognize the hard work, care and nurturing it takes each year to produce a bountiful crop of caring graduates and college-bound students in the largest and poorest city in Connecticut. This fundraising effort will run through June ’22.

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