Mass Mob Hits Fairfield County

Church goers are on the move, mobbing parishes all throughout the county and making quite a statement. “Mass Mob is sort of like a flash mob for Mass.”

Its trend spreading throughout the country. A service in a particular city gets posted online and the goal is to get as many faithful in the area to attend. It first took root just over a year ago over in Buffalo, and today it’s in Philadelphia, Detroit, NYC and more recently—Connecticut.

“We’re just trying to really raise awareness of these beautiful churches in these great vibrant communities. We just want to expand your palette.”

Nineteen-year-old Andre Escaliera is one of the organizers behind Mass Mob in Fairifled County. He was first approached about the idea from a lay couple in the area. From there, he organized a Facebook page.

“So we launched a bishop photo contest so people can send in their favorite photos. And that really helped.”

Come August, the time came to put those promotional efforts to the test. The first Mass Mob was held at St. Peter Church in Bridgetport.

“I just said you know what god if this is what you want for the County and if this is where you’re leading us then it’s in your hands. And, he really delivered. There were about 230 people.”

A coupe of months later, a second mass mob was at Holy Name in Stamford, drawing an even bigger crowd and attracting so much attention—parishes started requesting to host future events.

“It’s great to hear so many parishes are interested.”

Pope Francis is famous for urging young catholic to make a “mess” in their dioceses and to break out of the mold. Well, according to Andre, that’s exactly what Mass Mob is all about.

“Generally youth are on fire for their faith and they really want to do something with that faith they have.”

For more information you can visit the Mass Mob Facebook page.