‘Peace Light’ Comes to Danbury

DANBURY—Each year, a child from Upper Austria fetches a light from the grotto in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The light is carried in two blast-proof miners’ lamps on an Austrian Airlines jet from Tel Aviv, Israel to Vienna, Austria from where it is distributed at a Service of Dedication to delegations from across Europe who take it back, with a message of peace, to their own countries.

Austrian Airlines then flies the miners’ lamps containing the Peace Light from Bethlehem to New York City. This year, the light arrived at JFK on Saturday, December 1. Upon arrival, the Peace Light was transferred through a ceremony at Our Lady of the Skies Chapel.

Gary Allen Prybylski, a long-time member of St. Peter’s Church, and his son who attends religious education classes there, were Peace Light coordinators this year and will bring the Peace Light to St. Peter Church in Danbury on Friday, December 7 from 7-9 pm.

On Friday, St. Peter’s, along with all the churches in Danbury will come together to welcome the Peace Light and stand together for peace throughout the world.

“Our aim is to see this Peace Light offering grow year by year in the Greater Danbury area and to share this message of peace and harmony with as many people in our community as possible,” said Prybylski.

This beautiful evening will consist of lighting candles, having a bonfire, light refreshments and joining together in the name of peace.