A “Social Night of Service” to benefit New Covenant Center

STAMFORD—A year ago last June, New Covenant Center (NCC) in Stamford launched the first “Social Night of Service”—a unique volunteer event targeted to young adults.

One night a month these 20 to 30-somethings rolled up their sleeves and cooked 150 meals for our Cafe guests while socializing and getting to know each other. Even though they are chopping, slicing and dicing—they have fun in the process. If you’d like to know more about Social Night of Service, contact Ellen McGinness at

New Covenant Center also recently celebrated the second anniversary of the opening of its food pantry at the new center location on at 174 Richmond Hill Avenue.

Word spread quickly about the dignified space and since then the food pantry has grown from serving 140 families per month to 500!

“We’ve also expanded from being open 6 hours a month in our old location to 13 full days per month now. The demand is still huge as there are hundreds of more families within a couple of miles who don’t receive an adequate amount of food every month,” said John Gutman, NCC executive director.

“Thanks to the help of various food banks, the business, civic and school groups that run food drives and provide food donations, and the dozens of volunteers that help our guests shop each week—we continually strive to catch up with the demand. We still need more food, whether it’s one can of soup or larger quantities in the 15 categories we offer our guests,” he said. “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last 2 years—thank you for your continued generosity and support!”

If you can donate items or volunteer, please contact David Lovegreen, our Volunteer Coordinator, at or 203.964.8228, ext. 416.