St Joseph High School Opens Café de las Sonrisas USA

TRUMBULL—St Joseph High School, striving to be southern Connecticut’s premier college preparatory school, is proud to announce that they have officially opened Café de las Sonrisas USA (Café of Smiles) for students and faculty. All proceeds to benefit Café de las Sonrisas in Granada, Nicaragua.

Café de las Sonrisas—café of smiles—in Granada, Nicaragua is run by deaf-mutes, who also create and sell hammocks and colorful bags.

“Individuals with disabilities in Nicaragua have no social services network to rely on, but this little industry makes life work for this special group,” remarked Dr William Fitzgerald, Head of School. “Their smiles won us over when we spent a morning with them last June, and we wanted to give back.”

Inspired by the hard work and creativity at Café de las Sonrisas, St Joseph High School students and faculty wanted to be similarly entrepreneurial—thus came the school’s very own café of smiles.

St Joseph High School students worked diligently, procuring equipment, learning to grind organic beans, brewing coffee, and serving an impatient customer with a smile. The café will be open before classes for St Joseph High School students and staff.