‘Amen Team’ at St. Mark School

STRATFORD—The theme for the 2021-2022 academic year at St. Mark School is “Teamwork.”

Principal Melissa Warner shares, “Each year we reflect upon our recent accomplishments and set goals for the new one. With so many new faces this year—faculty, staff and students, we acknowledge the importance of community building, collaboration and teamwork. We believe that teamwork is at the heart of achievement and success. It draws from everyone’s God-given talents, unique strengths and expertise and keeps us united and stronger.”

Principal Warner shares that on November 6, the school hopes to showcase its “teamwork” to the community by participating as a team in the annual Vicki Soto 5K. “Collectively, we will show our support of our hometown hero and fellow educator in the town race,” said Warner.

In past years, the St. Mark School community has participated in the Vicki Soto 5k, which benefits the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, established in honor of Vicki’s passion for education. In honor of the 27-year old first-grade teacher who lost her life in the Sandy Hook mass shooting, the fund awards scholarships to students pursuing careers in education.

About St. Mark School

St. Mark School is a Blue Ribbon School recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a National School of Academic Excellence. Its academic program encompasses pre-kindergarten through grade eight. The expectations and challenges of its curriculum prepare students for the moral, intellectual, social, technological and physical demands of today’s society.

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