Whose Am I?

FAIRFIELD—The summer that a person graduates from high school marks the beginning of one of the first big transitions of their life. All over the country, teenagers are looking at these next few months as their first taste of freedom, or a looming period of the unknown. Whether it’s college, military, or the working world, there is much uncertainty.

Many of us have experienced, at one time or another, lack of attentiveness to our relationship with God during periods of transition. When there are so many questions up in the air about what the future holds, the times when we should be looking with all our trust at the Lord we become more fixed on how we ourselves have control.

In order to remind these high school graduates of who’s really in charge, St. Pius X in Fairfield, will be hosting the second annual Make It or Break It College Retreat (MOB) for college age students. The retreat will be held on Saturday, July 28, and the theme of the event will be Whose Am I?

The purpose of this event is to give young adults an opportunity to renew their faith before heading to college for the first time or heading back for another semester. The event is lead by current college students, recent college graduates, and young adults who have the desire to serve their younger peers and pass along advice based on their own experiences.
“Many of the participants have become accustomed to youth groups or being in a practicing family. It’s a good place to grow, being surrounded by faith communities,” said Paola Pena, youth minister at St. Pius X and one of the leaders of the MOB Retreat.
College campuses aren’t always a friendly place for those who practice the faith, and discussion of faith is often seen as taboo. The purpose of MOB is to make sure these students have the tools to seek out the Lord and community on their own,” Pena reported.

The event will feature a presentation based on the theme, Whose Am I? During the times in our lives when we are unsure of what God’s plan is for us, it’s good to have the reminder that you belong to the Father. Young adults especially have gotten caught up in being of the world and attempt to live up to unreachable expectations the world sets when it comes to success and goals.

Though success and goals are good things that the Lord wants for us, when we remind ourselves that ultimately we belong in heaven, and because of that, God doesn’t just want us to be good, he wants us to be great. “The efforts of everyone involved to make Make It or Break It happen come from the desire to remind this generation of young people that God is constantly pursuing them,” said Pena.

In addition to the advice and guidance attendees will receive at this event, the high point will be Eucharistic Adoration. Young adults will have an opportunity to spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist and bring to him whatever is on their hearts.

Like any ministry, words and testimonies can only go so far, the real power is in the Holy Spirit. “He does all the work, I am just a vessel,” Pena stated, echoing the attitude of all the leaders of MOB.

For anyone who is in a transitional period of their life, prayer is the most powerful tool they have, and MOB is helping participants recognize that.