CAPP conference reflects on Pope Francis’ Call for Inclusion

NEW YORK–Bishop Frank Caggiano, Chair of Catholic Relief Services and Assistant National Ecclesiastical Counselor to CAPP-USA, reflected on “The Health of Nations” in light of Catholic Social Teaching and Pope Francis’ “Call for Inclusion” at the recent CAPP (Centesimus Annus – Pro Pontifice) conference.

The Bishop’s talk set the stage for the conference with his exploration of Catholic social teaching ( video link below) from the perspective of the Holy Father.

Professor Sir Angus Deaton (School of Public and International Affairs and the Economics Department at Princeton University and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics) then focused on the topic in light of his extensive, lifetime work on development.

Following the talks a conversation between Bishop Caggiano and Professor Deaton, as well Q&A with the audience was moderated by Professor Joseph P. Kaboski (Professor of Economics at University of Notre Dame and President of CREDO).

The gathering saw a COVID restricted in person audience of 90 and, with the outstanding support of America Media and 12 sponsoring organizations, an online audience of 2,300+.

Founded by Pope Saint John Paul II in 1993 to promote the knowledge and practice of Catholic social teaching (CST), CAPP is unique in Church history as the only lay led organization with canonical standing in the Church and juridical standing in Vatican State. Its goal is to have CST implemented in society through lay Catholic business, academic and professional leaders. The Diocese of Bridgeport was the first diocese in the United States to establish a group.