The below resources have been compiled to address concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), which continues to be a developing situation. The Diocese of Bridgeport is continually monitoring the status of the virus in the Fairfield County community, consulting with health care professionals and experts when appropriate.

With the recent development of cases being identified in Fairfield County, the following precautions are now required to be implemented in our parishes, schools, and institutions. If you have any questions about parish events or liturgies, please contact your parish directly.

Last updated: September 2, 2020

Around the Diocese

We've consolidated all past and current coronavirus-related news, announcements, and photos from around the Diocese.

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Worship and Prayer Resources

Recorded and Livestreamed Masses

With the help of The Diocesan Leadership Institute, as well as the Office of Faith Formation, these resources have been collected and organized for our parishes, Ministry leaders, and parishioners.

Spiritual Communion Prayer
Resources for parents to use at home during these uncertain days
Staying connected with the Diocese during this time
Nine Days of Prayer

Latest Diocesan Updates

  • On May 21st, Bishop Caggiano announced that parishes were able to begin the outdoor public celebration of Mass. As of June 13th, parishes were able to resume public worship inside our church. The celebration of weekday Masses, Funeral Masses, and Nuptial Weddings within our Churches also resumed after the weekend of June 13th.
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  • Learn more Guidelines for the Celebration of Mass Indoors
  • Learn more Guidelines for the Reception of Communion
  • Learn more 2020 School Reopening Plan Release
  • Learn more Catholic Charities is open.

Messages From Bishop Caggiano

As Christians we know that suffering will always be a part of our life. We understand and accept this mystery at the foot of the Cross of Christ. Yet we also know that the Lord suffered and died so that we might live and share in His victory over fear, suffering, and death itself. We are never alone in our sufferings. Christ is here to lead us along paths unknown to victory and life.

This is the time to do as Jesus commanded: to be brave despite fear, to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of others, and to pray. Especially pray. The health and life of so many now hang in the balance. Pray for miracles both medical and spiritual. Pray for the conversion of many hearts. Pray for an end to this scourge in our midst. Pray that the Lord will see us to safety and renewed life. In Him.

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