Fairfield U, Albertus Magnus to partner

FAIRFIELD—Fairfield University and Albertus Magnus have announced a partnership, to expand upon educational pathways for students enrolled in the University’s new two-year associate’s degree program, Fairfield Bellarmine.

The Fairfield Bellarmine program offers two-year associate’s degrees to students from the Greater Bridgeport region, as a foundation for their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, or as a pathway to enter the workforce. The program currently offers four majors sponsored by Fairfield’s four undergraduate schools: Business (Dolan School); Computer Science (School of Engineering & Computing); Health Studies (Egan School); and Liberal Studies (College of Arts & Sciences).

Fairfield offers Bellarmine students a pathway to continue their studies for another two years toward completion of a bachelor’s degree. This new partnership with Albertus Magnus will provide a meaningful and seamless opportunity for Fairfield Bellarmine graduates to do the same. Scholarship opportunities will be available for students interested in completing BA or BS degrees at Albertus Magnus.

“Fairfield is very excited to be collaborating with Albertus Magnus—our first pathway partner. Upon completion of their two-year associate’s degree at Fairfield Bellarmine, we know that providing students with a variety of options and programs is important,” said Fairfield Bellarmine Executive Director Rev. Kevin O’Brien, S.J. “While we look forward to students enrolling in Fairfield’s four-year degree programs, it is important to develop partnerships with other schools like Albertus Magnus whose mission and values align with Fairfield’s.”

“Albertus Magnus College is thrilled to partner with Fairfield University to provide Bellarmine students with access to completing a four-year degree at a Catholic, liberal arts-based institution,” said Albertus Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, Rosa E. Rivera-Hainaj, Ph.D. “The Fairfield-Albertus partnership strengthens the College’s commitment to providing access to excellent higher education and career and professional development to underserved and underrepresented students in our region, contributing to the betterment of their families and their communities.”

In addition to Albertus Magnus, Fairfield Bellarmine administrators are working to establish agreements with other institutions to offer Bellarmine graduates additional opportunities to continue their studies without interruption and earn a bachelor’s degree within four years. Transfer agreements with partner schools will ensure that credits earned at Fairfield Bellarmine will be accepted into a comparable degree program.

The first cohort of Fairfield Bellarmine students was welcomed at the newly renovated 460 Mill Hill Ave. campus in Bridgeport on September 5, for the start of fall classes in the 2023-24 academic year.