“God Will Always Carry Us When We Cannot Walk On Our Own”

Bishop No Comments

The following reflection originally appeared on Bishop Frank Caggiano’s Facebook page. Follow the Bishop for daily reflections and weekly videos.

We all know people who live under the crushing burden of illness, fear or personal struggles. For some, their burdens can be almost unbearable, especially when there is little relief in sight. Such people can intimately understand the sober and somber  words of Job, heard in today’s first reading in this morning’s Mass. For Job was no stranger to profound sufferings.

Yet, if the truth be told, we have all had “Job-like” periods in our lives. In such times, we face great struggles or pain and for a time, find little relief from friends, family and even in our prayer. As we reflect upon those times, we can ask what it was that allowed us to bear the burden? To go on with our lives despite the cost?

It was not our own abilities, because the challenge was greater than us. It was not only those around us, because as best as they tried, they could not enter into our suffering. The answer was not a “what” at all. It was, is and always shall be the gift of sheer grace- the gracious power of God’s loving Holy Spirit- who comes to us in our time of greatest need and allows us to do, endure, move forward in ways that we cannot do on our own. God will always carry us when we cannot walk on our own.

My friends, if you are carrying great burdens in your life today, do not give up. The power of God’s grace will see you through to peace and glory.