Immaculate alumni give students career tips and inspiration

DANBURY – “If you don’t manage your own career, someone else will.”

Those were the words of Immaculate’s Career Day keynote speaker, Rob O’Neill ‘91, who is the Chief Financial Officer of Viatris, a global pharmaceutical company. He said he came to Immaculate Friday, April 26 from Pittsburgh because he still cares about the school that helped him achieve success.

“When I went off to Bryant University I felt well prepared, not only educationally but spiritually,” O’Neill told students. “I should probably tell you that your faith and your morals are extremely important. As you go through life and your career, you’re going to be challenged and I’m going to ask you now to consider not compromising on your morals.”

Twenty-one speakers met with students in small groups in Immaculate’s classrooms as part of the annual event. Among them were a civil defense attorney, social worker, registered dietician, IT director, school counselor, financial planner, biotechnology executive, pastry chef, Sikorsky flight operations chief, registered nurse, TV producer, restaurant owner, teacher, author and sales director.

“We are blessed with an incredible alumni community that gives back in so many ways,” said Jeannie Demko ‘88, Director of Alumni and Events. “Our graduates go on to be successful in a variety of careers and we love it when they come back to share advice and the secrets of their success with the Mustangs of today.”

Exposing students to as many career options as possible is one of the key objectives of Immaculate’s Counseling Department, where college prep truly begins on day one.

“We have so many students whose curiosity and inspiration were sparked by hearing someone share the details – and journey – of their career,” said Tim Nash, Dean of Counseling. “And we receive great feedback from students on how helpful they find these events.”