Jeff Cavins visits St. Francis, Weston

WESTON—The Women’s Guild at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Weston recently hosted internationally acclaimed Catholic evangelist, author and biblical scholar Jeff Cavins and his “Activated Disciple Seminar.”

Jeff Cavins was born and raised Catholic but later left the Church and became a Protestant minister for 12 years before returning to the Catholic Church and the story of his faith journey is chronicled in his book My Life on the Rock.

“People are chosen by God to be like God and enter into his mission in the world today,” Cavins said. “This not about our comfort or making me the best me. Instead it’s about becoming like Christ and turning our will over to Him to accomplish His purposes.”

“We must commit ourselves to transforming us to be like Christ,” he said. “But this will never happen until we put our faith into practice.”

St. Francis Pastor Father Jeffrey Couture explained why Cavins was invited to deliver his message to the parish family. “His experience as a former Protestant pastor is important,” said Father Couture. “Many people question the similarities and differences between Catholicism and Protestantism and why someone would choose one faith over the other. He brings a very unique perspective to people that ask these questions.”

Father Couture explained that the parish observed all COVID-19 protocols and restrictions including sanitizing and observing social distancing requirements.

“I am so thrilled that we had this opportunity to share with Jeff Cavins,” said Anita Field, a 25-year parishioner of the parish. “It was an amazing experience and it’s important that we hear this message at this time.  So much is going on in our world at this time.  We need it. Our Church needs it.”

Chris Trueax and his wife Sofia are parishioners at the Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul in Philadelphia.  Although currently living in Philadelphia, Chris grew up in Trumbull, attending St. Catherine of Siena and graduating from St. Joseph High School.

“I’ve done a few of Jeff Cavin’s studies, starting with Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible and they’re really changed my life,” Sofia said.  “Our family has learned how to read the Bible and really understand the story of Salvation. When we heard that Jeff was speaking near Chris’s hometown, we knew we wanted to come. Now we feel really blessed that we were able to hear Jeff talk about mission and helping re-energize the Church to go out and evangelize.”

St. Francis of Assisi Women’s Guild President Kathleen Failla explained the purpose of the Guild. “The organization has a mission of bringing women together to service our community spiritually and provide programs such as this and to assist in whatever way we can.”

She explained that the proceeds from the Jeff Cavins’ seminar are going to a college scholarship for a graduating high school senior. The guild presents the scholarship in June after school is out.  The latest scholarship recipient is a graduate of Fairfield Prep who is currently attending Boston College.

“In order to be eligible, the graduating senior must be a parishioner of St. Francis and the recipient ideally has served the Church and the community and is ready to spread Christ’s mission and His word when they go off to college and the world.”

(More information on the Women’s Guild and the Scholarship Fund can be found by going to: Jeff Cavins recently launched “The Jeff Cavins Show” which addresses the everyday life of a modern disciple of Christ.  The show can be found at