Living Our Faith

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As a member of the High School Apostles, I still picture my earliest days within the group. Like with any new experience, the most difficult action is to simply step through the door on that first meeting. I approached the Fraternas’ house, took a deep breath, and opened the door. I did so, thank goodness, and I experienced a community more welcoming and loving than any other group. Never had I experienced such a great sense of community and fellowship. The friends I made concreted my faith within others. Before HSA, my faith experience stressed words without actions. However, with friends that pushed me to become a stronger disciple of Christ, I could not only speak my faith but live it. One of my best experiences from HSA stems from life-changing confirmation retreats that I led for the best two years. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience such a loving and vibrant community, and I hope others in the Diocese can come to know this beautiful group of disciples.

By: Teddy Whiteman, High School Apostle