Time may be the best medicine

Bishop No Comments

For the past week, I have been battling a form of bronchitis that has proven to be quite stubborn. Later today I will be visiting with my pulmonologist to see if he has any suggestions on how best to get the congestion in my lungs eliminated. My sense is that the passage of time may be the best medicine.

Falling sick is a mixed blessing for me. In addition to slowing (or stopping) my busy schedule, it also affords me time to reflect. While no one wants to become ill, the experience of sickness does have a spiritual benefit. It forces us to recalibrate our lives, remember the things that really matter and surrender in an even deeper way to God’s love and mercy. For me, it also provides time to sit still, pray and reflect upon the blessings that God has given me (especially my good health) and surrender to those things over which I have no control. For me, such surrender is easy to avoid when I am busy with my duties. It is much easier to do when I am sick and sit alone with God as my companion. As such, being sick is an opportunity for both spiritual and physical healing.

Tomorrow we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is also the World Day of the Sick. I invite you to pray for all those who are sick, especially our sisters and brothers who are battling the coronavirus throughout the world. May the healing that only our Lord can give be theirs.

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