Catherine Dennis Keefe Queen of Clergy Residence • DIOCESE OF BRIDGEPORT

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The Catherine Dennis Keefe Queen of the Clergy Residence currently offers 17 suites for our active retired priests. We propose to construct a wing to Queen of the Clergy with an additional 16 suites. The cost for construction is $3,500,000.

More than a decade ago, the Catherine Dennis Keefe Queen of the Clergy Residence was built to offer independent living for our retired priests, through the generosity of parishioners. When it was constructed, we understood that the need would arise to expand as a larger number of clergy reached the retirement age. Now is the time that we must address this vital need and I ask for your support to expand the facility.

We are grateful for our retired priests who are with us at life’s most important moments. These men continue to serve the sacramental community as spiritual leaders, counselors, teachers and friends.

There are 80 priests in the Diocese of Bridgeport over the age of 75. Some of these men will continue to live in parishes while others will live on their own. We must ensure that sufficient living quarters are available for them.