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Black Catholic Community

Honoring the Legacy During Black History Month

As we observe Black History Month, the Diocese of Bridgeport's Office of Multicultural Ministry and Apostolate of Black Catholic’s warmly invites you to engage with us in honoring the lives and legacies of six individuals on the path to sainthood within the Black Catholic community. This celebration is a heartfelt recognition of their profound contributions and the vibrant spiritual heritage they bring to our faith, showcasing the enduring faith and rich traditions of Black Catholics.

Keep an eye out for diocesan events designed to illuminate the journeys of these six remarkable candidates for sainthood. Through prayer, reflection, and community participation, we aim to highlight their significant impact on the Church and society, enriching our communal worship and understanding with the diverse traditions and deep faith of Black Catholics.

We encourage our parishioners and friends to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Black Catholic heritage through these insightful resources:

Through these resources, we hope to foster a deeper connection with our past, a stronger sense of community in the present, and a hopeful vision for the future.

Our mission is to bring our varied cultural gifts to the larger Catholic community and help grow the Kingdom of God.


As Black Catholics we are a very small community (3%) of the larger Catholic Faith of the Diocese of Bridgeport. We are blessed that English is our primary language and we do not have communication issues that challenge other communities. We are a people with a long history in the Catholic Church and have prospered when we stand together and share our story.

We have many cultural gifts that enhance our celebrations and community. We love Gospel Music and many gifts that we have in common with other Black Christians such as: liturgical dance, vibrant preaching, call and respond and fervent prayers.

All are welcome to join us as we celebrate our love of God and neighbor!

Mass Times & Locations

Sundays, 11:30 AM
Blessed Sacrament Church
275 Union Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06608
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Groups & Activities

We have a Gospel Choir and Youth Group that serve the Black Community.

Please contact Father Reginald Norman for more information.


  • Sunday mass
  • Summer Bible Camp at Blessed Sacrament
  • Annually: Dr. King Celebration, Black History Month Celebration, Black Catholic History Month Celebration, Kwaanza, Juneteenth and various other cultural events

About our Episcopal Vicar, Rev. Fr. Reginald Norman

I was appointed in 2004 as Director to serve the African American Catholic community as a lay person and have since been ordained a Permanent Deacon and Priest. I have experienced great joy and comfort in the community and am delighted at the progress we have made and inspired by the work we still have to do.
We are always in need of volunteers as we seek to increase our presence and share our joy. All are welcome. We have recently changed our name to the Apostolate of Black Catholics and Bishop Caggiano has changed my role and title to Vicar.
- Father Norman

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Contact Father Norman:
(203) 762-3928

Featured Videos

Diocese of Bridgeport and the Black Catholic Apostolates Juneteenth Celebration
In case you missed it, check out a replay of the livestream above.

The Secret Society of the Great Dismal Swamp
Discover the significance of Juneteenth and its historical impact. Thanks to all who participated in the commemoration of freedom and unity at our Juneteenth celebration!

Black Community Resources

We are members of NABCA (National Association of Black Catholic Administrators) and of NBCC (National Black Catholic Congress).

For more information, please visit: